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June 30, 2014

Wow Where Did that Month Go???

It's amazing how a little bit of sunshine makes the time whizz by.

For those of you who follow Kathys blog you will have read that Kathy has allowed me to sit along side her at the helm and given me access to all areas of the web, obviously the woman is completely bonkers!

The last couple of weeks have been interesting, frustrating, enjoyable and heart stopping! I managed to completely delete the whole online store at one point but after much cursing and trying to suss out how to break the news to Kathy I managed to work out how to restore it (just about). With a few more presses of buttons and a stern talking  to in the nicest possible way (she called me silly amongst others things for stressing over it) Kathy had me back on track ….Thank goodness!

 As you can imagine listing the whole contents of the store onto the website will very much be a work in progress I hope you keep popping back to see what else has been listed. There’s so many lovely items in the store even if you never buy on line hopefully you’ll see something that catches your eye and you’ll take a trip over to the shop and say hi to two of the most welcoming people in the retail business.

Well if I haven't bored you silly already why not pop over and Meet me properly, thought I'd set the ball rolling......

I hereby declare Meet the Crafter is now up and running....

All the Best Sharon

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Loving the blog, it's great that we can feel like such a happy family and meet the crafter is a great idea! Thank you!