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A Busy Christmas but Happy New Year!

January 4, 2014

Welcome to the Handmade New Forest Blogger!

We are a new enterprise, offering an opportunity for the local crafting and creating community to showcase and sell their beautiful products to the community and via the web,

Christmas has been and gone - in a flash as far as we are concerned, we are seriously contemplating a second Christmas, just so we can feel like we've had one, as setting up a new business in the middle of the festive shopping season has not been easy but has been entirely satisfying and rewarding.

We started the shop up with just 30 sellers, which we thought at the time was a lot, now we have 74!!!  It took 2 days to process the December payments to everyone but, on the whole, everyone seems happy and are now busy making and bringing in new stock.  So, a word to the wise - come in often as you just never know what new items we may have had in since your last visit.  (Another word to the same souls is to always ask if there is something you want that we don't have as, pound to a penny, we will be able to find someone who can make it for you!)

A new addition to our repertoire is that we now offer our shop as a workshop venue in the evenings and on Sundays, our first workshop has been booked for the 4th February.  Why not check it out on the classes tab on the site - you may want to come along and learn something new!

So, welcome.  This initial blog post is just a short introduction but keep your eyes peeled as we will be posting on a regular basis to keep you in the know, offer tips and hints and generally entertain and amuse in a crafty kind of way!


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Lovely idea, wonderful gifts ,clever people out there,good luck